Educated as an architect and urban planner, Dr. Milica Bajić-Brković has dedicated her professional life as a university educator, researcher, university executive, editor, planning commissioner and planning practitioner. She is a former Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Belgrade, BPTT Chair in Planning and Development at the University of the West Indies, Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University, Visiting Fellow at the University of Ancona and British Council Visitor at Oxford Brookes University. She has lectured and delivered speeches at many universities, professional gatherings, congresses and professional conferences in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, USA, China, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Italy, Poland, etc.

Her professional interest and experience relates to urban planning and urban design, settlements development, sustainable development, and planning methodology. Currently, she is working on the relationship between urban spatial development and climate change, examining the impacts this relationship generates on planning methodology and planning practice.

Milica Bajić-Brković has held a number of international appointments. She was President of ISOCARP-International Society of City and Regional Planners 2012-2015, Secretary General of the same organization from 2000-2006, Associate of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe in Belgrade, and Head of the National Expert Team for the United Nations Habitat II Conference. She has been awarded the Serbian Urban Planning Association Annual Award in 2010, 2000, and 1994.

Milica is a member of the ISOCARP Executive Committee. She is also a member of the UN Secretary General’s High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport 2014-2016.
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