Build Your Dream (BYD)

Winner of Special Recognition 2015

For the past twenty years, BYD has been striving to create a cleaner and more sustainable world. Specializing in battery technologies, BYD’s green mission has made it an industry pioneer in electrified public transportation, environmentally friendly energy storage, and affordable solar power – all key elements of BYD’s Green City Solution.

BYD believes that expanding the use of electrified public transportation should be a priority, as the emissions of public transportation vehicles account for one third of total pollutants from transportation. To date, BYD’s electrified transportation fleets have been adopted in over 150 cities in 36 countries.

BYD’s ambitious goal is to ensure its green city solution becomes a reality by advancing technology through research and development. Specifically, the company plans to develop more energy efficient green products, add a new green taxi model, as well as one more model of electric bus to meet different cities’ urban transportation demands. In the meantime, it will continue expanding its charity projects in an effort to promote clean energy.

From renewable energy generation and storage to better use of clean energy, and convenient charging solutions, BYD spares no effort to promote Electrified Public Transportation to finally achieve substantial levels of sustainable development in urban mobility.
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