Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

Finalist 2015

Since 1990, the Solar Electric Light Fund has undertaken replicable and scalable clean energy projects that have given access to people in remote and impoverished areas in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to quality health services, clean drinking water, modern education, and sustainable sources of food.

Due to its geographical location, Benin is characterized by unusually dry conditions resulting in low amounts of rainfall throughout the year. This leads to low food production and insecurity, especially for rural populations. In Benin, SELF’s Solar Market Garden program combines reliable, solar-powered, no maintenance pumps with efficient drip irrigation to provide year-round food production. The program has grown to 11 half-hectare gardens managed by 30 to 40 women gardeners each. They produce up to 2 Tons of produce per month, thus generating valuable income for each grower.
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