We Care Solar

Winner 2015

Hundreds of mothers in the developing world die each day giving birth in dark and unsafe conditions, while midwives and doctors struggle to provide life-saving care in health centers lacking electricity.

Since 2010, We Care Solar has been providing a reliable and portable solution that saves lives in childbirth. The compact, efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable Solar Suitcases have made solar power simple, accessible and affordable. They enable clinicians to treat childbirth complications and avoid needless deaths in more than 20 countries, in Africa and South Asia.

In the last five years, We Care Solar, in close collaboration with local partners, has succeeded in empowering 5,000 health workers in the areas of solar energy utilization, installation and servicing to ensure the Solar Suitcases have a long-lasting impact.

Powering the Future We Want - Solar Suitcase that Helps Save Lives

Video by We care Solar

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