Motor Development International SA (MDI SA)

Finalist 2016

Created by mechanical engineer Guy Nègre back in 1991, Luxembourg-based Motor Development International (MDI) has invented a number of products in its efforts to develop and promote zero pollution engines.

Their most notable technology is the AirPod. The AirPod is a two-to-four-seater, urban vehicle, running exclusively on a patented 100% compressed-air technology. To power the vehicle, cold air compressed in tanks to 300 times atmospheric pressure is heated and fed into the cylinders of a piston engine. No combustion occurs, so there is no air pollution.

The next phase of deployment of the MDI technology is to extend the transportation solution to city cargo transportation, and use the cooling capability of the engine in order to develop the environmentally friendly refrigerated Airpod-cargo.

MDI’s central goal is to make clean energy and clean equipment affordable to all.
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