Medellin Mayor's Office - Mobility and Transit Department

Finalist 2016

The city of Medellin is located in the north-east of Colombia. Medellin has completely reinvented itself from just 25 years ago. The city’s mobility has been paramount to its transformation. Besides helping to modernize the city, its transportation system has been pivotal in consolidating social inclusion as it allowed the once economically and socially disadvantaged a newfound mobility and freedom to access jobs, amenities and opportunities across the city.

Medellin and its Metropolitan area is the only region in Colombia with an Integrated Transport System, which include Metro, Cable, Tram, public escalators, Public Bicycle System, Electric buses, Conventional Buses and taxis; most of which operate with electricity and natural gas.

The city is working to further improve the quality of life of its citizens by expanding the mass public transit system and provide them with an efficient, safe, accessible, sustainable system that strengthens civic culture.
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