CONA Entwicklungs- und Handels GmbH

Finalist 2017

CONA is an Austrian based company that has developed a patented technology for solar drying plants which provide professional solar drying of food, biomass, animal feed and other feedstock. Working with partners to distribute their technology in 35 countries around the world, CONA helps clients at both the micro-enterprise and semi-industrial level to find high-quality energy efficient drying solutions by utilizing dryers that have low operating costs and are long lasting. CONA aims to create jobs in rural areas through the operation of the solar dryers and offers on-site training to develop technical expertise for the locals. For some customers, the solar dryers help to achieve international industrial food standards for selling on the global market. The revenue generated through the solar dried products helps to improve the user’s overall quality of life. Other customers choose to preserve valuable food to feed their community.
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