IEEE Foundation, Smart Village (ISV)

Finalist 2017

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) is a priority initiative of IEEE Foundation, located in the United States. The ISV initiative integrates sustainable electricity, education, and entrepreneurial solutions to empower off-grid communities. ISV has conducted projects in Haiti, Cameroon, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and India. They facilitate community transformation through local entrepreneurs using the Smart Village open-source technology to bring sustainable micro-utilities to their communities, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating new jobs. Education is promoted through the use of internet access that is included in the micro-grid projects; ISV’s local intranet can provide adolescent to adult curricula in schools and community centers. For post-graduate studies, a Masters of Development Practice degree is offered through the IEEE Global Classroom for 1% of the cost in developed countries. ISV has significant plans for future expansion, with a goal to reach 50 million people within the next decade.
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