One Earth Designs

Finalist 2017

One Earth Designs is a social enterprise registered in the United States that provides innovative solar energy technologies and high-performance SolSource Solar Stoves to developing countries. One Earth’s mission is to bring affordable solar energy to 1 billion families for cooking, heating, and electricity generation. One Earth Designs serves customers in 68 countries and holds one of the highest scores ever awarded by the Global Impact Rating System. They have developed technologies that are 92% efficient in turning sunlight into heat directly. Since 2009, over 5,000 of their SolSource solar stoves have been delivered to rural nomadic communities and farmers, providing solar energy to families facing extreme fuel scarcity and bringing cleaner air to tens of thousands of people across developing regions. In the future, One Earth Designs plans to disseminate their SolCharge patented solar-thermal batteries, enabling people to cook, heat, and generate electricity with solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining.
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