Finalist 2017

The SunCity company, based in Egypt, was founded out of the desire to tap into country’s infinite solar energy potential and to assist small scale farmers. Millions of one-acre farmers across the world primarily use diesel pumps for irrigating their fields. These pumps are costly, polluting, require periodical maintenance and have short life spans; yet they are a mature technology that has been used for decades. To address this, SunCity develops, builds and commercializes low-cost Mobile Solar Pumps to meet the needs of the one-acre farmers of the world and offer them an efficient and economical alternative. The Mobile Solar Pump is free from operational costs, low-maintenance, does not produce any harmful emissions and works entirely with clean solar energy. Vulnerable small farmers can utilize this clean technology to save time from fetching diesel and to invest more in their crops and cultivation with the money saved from their past operational fuel-costs. In this way, farmers can increase their income with SunCity’s mobile solar pump.
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