Swimsol GmbH

Finalist 2017

Swimsol is an Austrian solar photovoltaic company that recognized the potential that solar energy holds in small island developing states to improve the local economic situation while simultaneously moving towards a more sustainable future. The company visited the island nation of Maldives, comprised of 1196 islands, with few islands larger than 1 square kilometre. Sunshine was plentiful, yet there was little space for solar panels on the islands. In 2014, they launched their SolarSea™ offshore floating solar panels in the Maldives. These floating panels have been through simulations, testing, trials and real-life use to prove their quality and effectiveness. Swimsol aims to deliver a meaningful amount of less expensive solar energy to islands in need, enabling them to turn off their expensive diesel generators and rely instead on the SolarSea™ renewable energy hub. In this way, the islands can re-direct their savings to social services and other desired programmes.
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