University of New South Wales

Finalist 2017

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is Australia’s leading research University and boasts a history of engineering excellence. Their technological advances across the energy sector include key developments in solar power production, increased carbon capture and storage and improvements to energy efficiency by reducing transmission losses. UNSW is also a leader in geothermal development, and in partnership with the University of the South Pacific, has been investigating geothermal energy solutions for island nations. The University’s staff recognizes that geothermal power has the potential to replace the current use of diesel generators and offer direct benefit to citizens who live off-grid without access to electricity or refrigeration. This lack of power has resulted in significant problems with food poisoning and provisioning. Working together, the Universities have completed a preliminary feasibility study into the deployment of geothermal solutions for the Fijian archipelago. Out of this initial study have come plans to establish two geothermal refrigeration and freezing facilities on the island of Viti Levu, which will serve as stepping stones to more extensive geothermal development. The project has been planned with the cooperation of local industry and non-governmental organizations working on behalf of communities in the region.
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